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Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr Throw Warring Halloween Parties

Heidi Klum is famous for her Halloween parties (and her over-the-top costumes)... so what would happen if another top model threw a Halloween bash on the very same night?

A model battle!

OK fine, maybe the New York Post is getting a little worked up over this one. In the scoop "Halloween a model battle," Page Six reports that Kerr, who received her Victoria's Secret Angel wings from Klum herself, is hosting a big Halloween party on the same night as Heidi's in New York.

Klum will play greet guests at NYC's PH-D lounge at the Dream Downtown dressed in one of these two insane costumes, while the Aussie beauty will play hostess at Catch Roof in NYC wearing a sexy ringmaster costume, complete with a whip.

So who will in this model face-off? Page Six got serious about the model battle, calling in experts for their predictions. Dani Stahl of Nylon told the paper, "This Halloween will be the ultimate 'who wore it best' -- a true costume throwdown... Not since rival supermodels Zoolander and Hansel squared off in 'Zoolander' has there been such an epic supermodel battle. Models are always in competitive mode to get the job and be No. 1."

Or the two stunners, who are actually friends (and running buddies), can kindly send each other their regrets, split their guests and make up for it with a coffee date next week.

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