Heidi Klum And 'GoT' Star Pedro Pascal Strip Down In Music Video Set To Sia's Song

UPDATE: Turns out we were right! The music video starring Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal was actually a video filmed for the model's Intimates Lingerie collection. Sia tweeted on Thursday clarifying that the video was for Klum's line.

EARLIER: Sorry Maddie Ziegler, but Sia has moved on to celebrities cuddling.

The singer's new music video for "Fire Meet Gasoline" ditches the usual interpretive dancing by the 12-year-old Ziegler to follow around Heidi Klum and former "Game of Thrones" star Pedro Pascal. The two roll around in the grass and kiss in bed, in what looks more like a lingerie ad than a music video. Klum also sets a house on fire wearing little more than a bra, because duh, she's Heidi Klum. The Sia platinum wig also has a quick cameo.

Watch the video above.