Heidi Klum Talks Life After Seal: 'I'm A Mom And A Dad At The Same Time'

Heidi is one busy mom.
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Sounds like Heidi Klum has been balancing it all since separating from Seal back in 2012.

In the November issue of Redbook, the 42-year-old model gets candid about life as a working mom of four.

“Obviously things have changed, but they haven’t changed drastically," she told the magazine. "[Seal] was never your typical dad who left for work in the morning with his briefcase and would be home by dinnertime every night. He traveled a lot. The kids knew it was part of his job. I’m a mom and a dad at the same time.”

The German supermodel and 52-year-old singer were married for seven years before announcing their separation in January 2012. During the course of their marriage, Seal adopted Klum's daughter Leni, and together they had three more children: sons Henry and Johan and daughter Lou. (They also famously renewed their vows every year; who could forget their "white trash"-themed wedding in 2009?)

Heidi and Seal supporting their kids at a soccer game last year.
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Heidi and Seal supporting their kids at a soccer game last year.

The pair worked out a confidential arrangement for custody of the kids when the divorce was finalized last year.

Balancing parenting duties and work life (Klum is the star of reality shows "Project Runway" and "America's Got Talent") may be a heavy lift, but the model said she's perfectly capable of handling it.

“Women are capable of juggling a lot of balls -- we do things that guys just cannot do. Men typically can juggle only one ball, and even then they’re like, ‘I’m confused. Should I put it in my right or left hand?’" she told Redbook. "A lot of them have a very hard time just trying to figure out what to do with that one ball. And often they want us to hold that one too!"

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Heidi Klum & Seal

Heidi Klum & Seal

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