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Heidi Klum Talks Topless Beaches, Family Vacations (VIDEO)

Heidi Klum is one of those superwomen, a gorgeous working model-slash-TV host who also raises four kids... while jetting all over the world.

But the German model made time to stop by "The Tonight Show" last night to chat with Jay Leno, who asked her about her recent three-month family jaunt across the US and Europe. The Seal-Klum clan hit up Ibiza and the Amalfi Coast, which meant lots of beach-going.

Leno, of course, must whip out some paparazzi pictures of a bikini-clad Klum from her vacay and ask her the random question, "Now how many bathing suits do you bring when you got on a trip?"

Well, Heidi admits, "I bring more bottoms than actually tops and bottoms. I'm surprised you have photos of me wearing the top."

Jay perks up: "You have photos of you without the top?"

"Yeah, I don't really like to wear tops because I hate tan lines!"

See, it's basic practice in Italy, Heidi says -- they don't care if you wear, say, a tiny red Speedo like her husband Seal did nor do they care if you have top on.

"You see, I'm Italian, I don't care if you have your top on either," deadpans Jay.

Oh, Leno -- how you slay us. Check out yet another typical model-meets-talk show host moment below.