Heidi Klum's Nude Billboard Banned In Los Angeles (NSFW PHOTO)

As both the porn and celebrity capitol of the US, Los Angeles is steamy hot. But in 2013, a billboard full of sideboob and sidebutt is just too much.

The billboard (photo below) for season 12 of Heidi Klum's ever-popular "Project Runway" has been banned in LA, Too Fab reports.

The ad for the TV show's "Fashion Reigns" campaign shows Klum and Tim Gunn in royal attire, lording over a group of naked, toned models.

The photo was set to run on billboards, posters, websites, bus shelters and in magazines, but LA has required that a version with underwear run in its place.

LA's east coast counterpart, New York City, on the other hand, is comfortable running the naked pic. Apparently NYC just can't say no!

Klum, now 40, posed nude herself for Allure magazine just last year.

According to Too Fab's poll results, 61 percent of readers thought the banned ad below was "fine," while 39% thought it was "inappropriate".

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