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Heidy De La Rosa, Model, And Her Secret To Great Summer Hair

06/20/2013 11:11am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

When we spotted Heidy De la Rosa in Greenwich Village, we were envious, curious and awestruck all at the same time. Not only did the leggy model catch our attention because of her tall stature, but her thick locks and bold brows also had us taking a second glance.

When grilled about her beauty routine, Chanel Iman's BFF had lots of helpful tips for the warm-weather months. "I don't like when my hair gets too oily, especially in the summer, so I just use shampoo and I put oil drops at the ends. [That way] my roots stay oil-free and the wash lasts longer." She continued with even more tricks to make your strands stay clean for days on end. "My hair isn't oily but I don't like to wash it everyday, so I just wash it with shampoo and if I do use conditioner, it's from the nape of my neck down."

As for her other beauty secrets, the most important thing, she stresses, is what you put into your body: "I've noticed that beauty starts from the inside, so drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and eat good food."

heidy de la rosaPhoto/Art: Raydene Salinas

A photo of our favorite twosome (Heidy De la Rosa and Chanel Iman):
heidy de la rosa

Beauty Street Style: Heidy De la Rosa

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