John Heilemann Puts Bill Kristol In His Place Over Iraq

'Morning Joe' Panel Gets Into Heated Battle Over Iraq

Pundits John Heilemann and Bill Kristol went head-to-head on "Morning Joe" Tuesday morning over the Obama administration's role in Iraq.

The discussion heated up after Kristol—one of the many Iraq War boosters who have flooded the airwaves in the wake of the rise of the militant group ISIS—suggested that the US needs to send more troops to Iraq in order to intervene and "have some leverage" in the fight. Heilemann fiercely pushed back at the idea of taking military action to back the Iraqi government.

"Bill’s notion, with all due respect, is fantastical," Heilemann said. "As in, absurd."

"I think it's ridiculous," the Bloomberg Politics managing editor went on. "This is American blood you're talking about! You want to send people into another intervention in which most people in the country believe that this is a centuries-old sectarian violence that we have no place and no ability to solve!"

Kristol continued to argue that the alternatives to sending troops into the conflict are far worse.

“Just like Rwanda, just like every other difficult situation-- what’s your recipe?” he yelled back.

"There is war weariness in this country, whether you like it or not,” Heilemann said. "I know you don’t have the weariness for war, but the country does."

Watch the video for the full clip on "Morning Joe."

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