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The Bompas & Parr Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience, With Musical Spoons (PHOTOS)

A multi-sensory bean eating experience. No, seriously.

We were going to try to reserve our "musical fruit" jokes, but then we realized it was impossible. The Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience is the brainchild of food nerd virtuosos Bompas & Parr (who you may know for their incredible jelly projects), and is a multi-sensory bean eating experience.

These newly debuted Heinz Beanz flavors include a customized bowl, textured and conceived to match each individual flavor, as well as a musical spoon, which plays a tune that only the eater can hear. These spoons work by transmitting vibrations via your jawbone to your ear, the same way that swimmers' headphones operate. Why go to all this trouble for a few cans of beans? We'll let the Bompas & Parr team explain that one to you:

Have you ever wondered why fish and chips never taste as good as the time you ate them by the seaside out of paper? The reason for this is that our taste buds are intrinsically linked to our other senses -– it’s not just about what we taste, but also what we see and touch. Our surroundings, shape, texture and even sound, can all affect our experience and enjoyment of food.

A limited number of these complex creations will be available from Fortnum & Mason, as they were the first retailer to carry the brand, way back in 1901. We haven't been able to find any information about ordering these online, so suspect that this may be an in-person experience only (any Londoners out there, do let us know if you see these!).

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Heinz Flavour Experience