Heinz's Super Bowl Ad Is A Glorious Slo-Mo Stampede Of Wiener Dogs

A match made in heaven. 🍅🐶

When it comes to adorable commercials, other condiments are gonna have to play "ketchup."

Heinz's 2016 Super Bowl ad, "Weiner Stampede," features a herd of wiener dogs in hot dog costumes booking it toward a family of ketchup, mustard and other toppings:


In the past year, Heinz re-introduced its yellow mustard to the public and invented a sriracha-flavored ketchup. But we've gotta say, it's pretty tough to focus on their offerings with THIS little guy headed your way:

Ad Week says a 30-second clip will play during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. We'll be especially enjoying it because at this year's Super Bowl party, we'll be feeding our cuteness hangover with some mini hot dogs, fresh out of the field oven.

What's on your menu?

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