Tweet Hilariously Turns Asian Stereotype On Its Head

Touché, touché.

Here’s a tweet that’ll have every Asian saying “yaaaas.” 

Twitter user Helen Hou-Sandí just shut the Twitter game down in response to the racist belief that all Asians look alike. She shared a photo from a recent segment of “Anderson Cooper 360” that features Cooper, CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd and former U.S. army officer Mark Hertling. 

Yup, *mic drop.*

The tweet went viral with thousands of retweets, and even received a like from Ellen Pao, former interim CEO of Reddit. 

Though many Asians across social media rejoiced at the tweet, not everyone was thrilled. Hou-Sandí received messages from people arguing that “Asians look way more alike” and even accusing her of being racist. 

Just in case you needed a reminder, reverse racism doesn’t exist. Don’t even try it. 

So Helen, keep on keepin’ on. Because that tweet slayed. 

In case you’re curious, the screenshot appears in the segment below: