Helen Hunt Remembers The Terrifying 'Twister' Shoot: 'Much More Of It Was Real Than You Think'

Shooting 'Twister' Was So Terrifying It Gave Helen Hunt Nightmares

Helen Hunt takes to the ocean in her new film "Ride," which she wrote, directed and stars in as a mom who learns to surf. During a conversation with HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovsi on Thursday about the movie, which is in theaters and on demand now, the actress also looked back on another nature-centric film of hers, 1996's "Twister." As it turns out, making the film was about as chaotic as being trapped in an actual tornado.

"I had nightmares making it. It was terrifying," Hunt said. "It was only the beginning of this very, very evolved computer graphics, CGI world, so much more of it was real than you think. They didn't paint in the hail with the computer, they made a hail machine and dropped giant balls of ice on us. I mean, it was crazy. ... They had firehoses pointed at us, and you couldn't hear anything, which is not the safest way to make a movie, so I was really happy to make it through in one piece."

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