Move Over, Pharrell! Wife Helen Lasichanh Is Our New Style Icon

Move Over, Pharrell! Your Wife Is Our New Style Icon

It's no secret that Hollywood is filled with fashionable, swoon-worthy celebrity couples. Sometimes, however, one half of the duo emerges as more of a style star, and Pharrell Williams' wife, model and designer Helen Lasichanh, is the perfect example.

Even though Williams is considered to be one of the most stylish men in the music business, we have reason to believe that his wife may actually be even more fashion-forward than him.

We know that's a bold thing to say, given his epic hat game and countless designer collaborations, but hear us out: Between her expert layering skills, ever-changing hair styles and ability to pull off just about every trend (see below), it's safe to say Lasichanh has emerged as quite the red carpet darling.

Here are just some of the reasons Helen Lasichanh is an underrated style star.

Like her husband, she knows sometimes all you need is a really great hat.
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She knows that a little sparkle goes a long way.
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Shop the look: Jaden Cut Out Dress, Revolve, now $45
She looks great in a turtleneck.
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Shop the look: Turtleneck, H&M, Now $5
She makes animal prints look classy.
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Shop the look: Animal print shirt & trousers, Zara, Now 29.99 each.
She's a supporter of our favorite trend, the onesie.
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Shop the look: Knotted floral jumpsuit, Forever 21, $27.80
She's mastered the art of menswear.
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Shop the look: Stretch peak lapel jacket & Stretch slim leg columnist pant, Express, $108.00 & $69.90
She rocks loungewear on the red carpet.
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Shop the look: Tavin pajama shirt, Club Monaco, $139.50
She makes the shirt-tied-around-your-waist thing look incredibly cool.
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Shop the look:Basic denim shirt, Zara, Now $19.99

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