Dame Helen Mirren To Grace 'Fast & Furious' Franchise With Her Presence

We're definitely seeing this movie now.

Dame Helen Mirren may be a serious actress, but she's not above joining a mega-franchise like "Fast & Furious." 

In a recent interview with Elle, the 70-year-old confirmed that she'll be appearing in "Fast 8," the eighth film in the action-packed car franchise, because, sometimes, she just wants to have fun. It's all about balance. 

“I want to be making film and theater, but film is particularly relevant. I like it to be serious. Of course, having said that, I’m about to do 'Fast and Furious 8,'” the actress told Elle. “But that’s for the fun of it. So maybe that’s what I want as well, some fun and some relevant, serious, important movies.”

The actress added, “I love big, fun movies -- as long as they’re well made and they’ve got good scripts. That’s the most important thing."

A big factor in Mirren's decision to join the franchise was her love for driving. But in order to secure her casting, Mirren gave the crew one condition. 

"I said, ‘I’ll be in it, but only if I’m allowed to drive, if I do drive in it.’ But we’ll see. We’ll see how it transpires,” the London native said. 

You may think Mirren's casting in the film seems a little random, but back in 2015, she revealed to Yahoo! Movies that being in a "Fast & Furious" movie was a dream of hers

“My great ambition is to be in a 'Fast and Furious' movie. I so want to be a mad driver in a 'Fast and Furious' movie. My claim to fame is I always do my own driving -- I was on 'Top Gear,' and I did [my lap] in a very good time. I keep putting it out there, and they never ask me. I’ll be in 'Fast and Furious 8,'” she teased. “I have to say Vin Diesel is brilliant. I love Vin Diesel. He’s a great guy, smart -- I love him. It’s partly because of him I’d like to be in one, but also the driving.”

Mirren also proved she can be a total badass in the film "Red," so we know she'll nail this role. 

Aside from Mirren, the latest film will feature Clint Eastwood's son, Scott Eastwood, as well as Oscar-winner Charlize Theron. Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez will also be back to reprise their roles. 

It's going to be one hell of a star-studded ride.



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