Helen Mirren Perfectly Addresses Comparisons To Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend

Some fans mistook Reeves' companion Alexandra Grant for the Oscar winner.

Helen Mirren said Wednesday she’s flattered by the comparisons to Keanu Reeves’ rumored new girlfriend. Some fans even thought that the Oscar winner was the woman who has been seen with Reeves and that they were an item.

A beaming Reeves appeared hand in hand with artist and publishing partner Alexandra Grant at a museum gala in Los Angeles, prompting speculation that they are a couple.

Fans noted Grant’s resemblance to Mirren, and some believed Reeves and Mirren were dating, although Mirren has been married for decades to director Taylor Hackford.

Mirren told “Entertainment Tonight” that she was aware of the chatter.

“That was very flattering on me, you know, because she’s obviously lovely,” Mirren said at the New York City premiere of “The Good Liar.”

Mirren, whose husband directed Reeves in 1997′s “The Devil’s Advocate,” said she knows Reeves “very well.”

“He is just the most adorable, lovely person. So she’s a lucky girl and I’m sure that he’s a lucky boy.”

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