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Helen Mirren Rocks Leather And A Fierce Attitude In New L'Oreal Paris Ad

02/10/2015 11:06am ET | Updated February 10, 2015

Dame Helen Mirren may ride the subway, but according to her new, awesome L'Oreal Paris ad (she's the UK brand ambassador,) you should think twice before offering her your seat.

The 69-year-old stunner/model/all-around boss stars in a new promo for the brand, where she talks about the perils of being noticed for the "wrong reasons" (like, you guessed it, being offered a seat at the bus stop).

The ad is for a new skincare product called Age Perfect, but instead of promising "youthful" skin, Mirren explains it will instead help you do something even better -- look like you. She then emerges in a black leather jacket and fierce red lip, naturally.

Check out the fabulous video for yourself above.

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