Helen Mirren Is Done With Onscreen Nudity

"My pleasure pillows are purely for my husband.”
Gary Gershoff via Getty Images

Helen Mirren is likely finished with onscreen nudity, according to a new interview.

In a conversation with Alan Cumming for CBS, the actor said while she never particularly wanted to undress fully for the camera, she came up at a time when it was particularly in vogue (though, she admits, not quite as much as during the current "Game of Thrones" moment).

"It seemed to be not a thing to get your knickers in a twist over,” she said. “I was doing nude scenes [from] the first moment I started doing movies. It was the era."

At 70, that chapter of Mirren's career, however, has now passed.

“That’s the good thing about getting older,” she said. “You don’t have to do that sort of thing any more ... [Now] my pleasure pillows are purely for my husband.”

Another change from when she was younger? The actor sees more empowered young women.

“Unfortunately, at least for my generation -- growing up we didn’t say [f*** off] -- and I love the fact that girls are so much more confident and outspoken than my generation were," Mirren recently told the New York Daily News.

Lessons: Helen Mirren is amazing. Tell people to f**ck off.

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