Robert De Niro Thinks Helen Mirren Is A 'Royal MILF'

The pair kissed at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in NYC.

Robert De Niro gave Helen Mirren quite the introduction at the 25th annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York City Monday night. Before presenting a career tribute to the Oscar winner, he delivered a sound bite we'll cherish forever. 

"The Queen ... was not a majesty I would like to ... well let's just say she wasn't my royal MILF," he told the A-list crowd, according to People and Vanity Fair. "That was before I saw her played by Helen Mirren. Now when you hear someone say f**k the queen, they might not necessarily be trying to take down the monarchy.”

And then they kissed. No, really. He planted a big one on Mirren, giving the audience some "Notebook" B-plot age-70-and-over loving

Mirren, never one to be outdone in the humor department, hit back with a speech that rivaled De Niro's in inappropriateness.

“I have to tell you a story about f**king the queen,” she exclaimed. 

“When ‘The Queen’ was first screened at Venice, I’d never seen it before, and neither had my husband Taylor [Hackford]. In the first scene I’m in the full regalia, and I turn and look at the camera and there’s silence in the cinema. And my husband lets out this huge laugh. So I lean over to him and say, ‘Darling, do you think you’ll ever f**k me again?' Between you and me, he has.”

Can we get these two in a rom-com STAT? Thank you!


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