Inside The Eclectic Home Of Helen Rosburg, Wrigley Heiress And Philanthropist

It's not what we would've imagined.

Helen A. Rosburg is not your typical heiress. She's got a colorful tattoo sleeve, she's a published author of romance novels and has over three hundred rescue animals on her 120 acre farm in Odessa, Florida. But it's her dream house, completed in 2006 to be reminiscent of her grandparents, Helen and Philip Wrigleys,' estate on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, that we're floored by.

This four-story 10,000 square-foot home took years to complete, because Rosburg insisted it was fortified with steel so it would stand up to a category 5 hurricane. In addition to a Western-themed room, a Wrigley museum, home theatre and stunning panoramic views of the countryside, the home is filled with many family treasures that she inherited, like her prized possession, an antique Steinway grand player piano built in 1926.

The walls of the home are covered in lively art, like her husband's contemporary pastels and her daughter's modern graphic paintings. Mixed with her own Native American collection accumulated during her 35 years living in Arizona, the house has an eclectic but warm and lived-in aesthetic. Rosburg's favorite room is the kitchen, where she installed a cobalt blue Viking stove. Although she says her and her husband are often "hermits," when they do entertain, people gravitate toward this bright and open room located right off the center foyer.

Click through the photos of her lovely home and make sure to watch the video of her and one of her favorite animals on the farm.

Helen Rossburg House Tour

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