Helena Christensen Covers 'Vs.' Magazine, Wears Sneakers (PHOTOS)

We'd lost count and thought Vogue was the last mag to release its all-important March cover (seriously, Anna, what's the wait?). But there were a few we forgot, including W and Vs.

You might not have heard of the latter mag, but you've certainly heard of its cover stars: Shailene Woodley, Julianne Moore, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elizabeth Olsen, Erin Wasson and Helena Christensen.

While we're sure most everyone will buzz about 20-year-old Shailene going topless, we were more taken with Helena Christensen, who at 43 still smokes the competition.

Photographed by Guy Aroch, the supermodel bares her backside (yup, butt too) in a sexy over-the-shoulder pose. The look she throws the camera says simply, "Yup -- I still do this better than everyone else."

Among her many modeling talents: pulling off clothing items no one else can. In one of the photos inside the mag, Helena sports an awkwardly bright pair of Chanel hightop sneakers. When we first saw the kicks a few months ago, we asked, "Who do you expect to wear these, Karl -- the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?"

Nope. Helena, an expert at making sneakers look sexy, is truly these shoes' rightful owner.

Check out Helena and the rest of the Vs. covers below and see the editorial spreads on VsMagazineLive.com. Which is your fave?

Vs. Cover