Helicopter Opens Beer Bottle In China, Becomes World's Most Expensive Bottle Opener (VIDEO)

World's coolest party trick, or world's most expensive bottle opener?

While it may not be showcasing the most practical of skills, this video of pilots competing to see who can open the most bottles with the end of their helicopters is still really, really cool.

The footage was recorded at the end of a three-day national helicopter tournament in the city of Laiwu, in eastern China, according to the video's YouTube description.

In this particular test, pilots attempted to use a bottle opener attached to the helicopter's skid to take the cap off a beer affixed to a pole. While the pilot in the video quickly pops the top off the brew, competition officials explain he doesn't receive any points because he damaged the mouth of the beer bottle, a violation of contest rules.

We just hope that drink didn't go to waste.