Helicopter 'Steals' Water From Swimming Pool To Fight Fire (VIDEO)

When you're fighting fire, you use whatever tools you have available. Which is exactly what one quick-thinking helicopter pilot does when he runs out of water and comes across a swimming pool near a massive fire in Portugal. Take a look above.

The incredible video was posted in 2011 by João Guimarães who writes:

I woke up this morning to this show. A loaded helo (Eurocopter AS350) from the portuguese firefighters landed in front of my house, droped 4 men in full gear, hooked up a bucket and started waterbombing a fire that broke out (or someone started, most likely) right next to a neighbor's house. After 20 mins the fire was controlled by a 5 men team :).

Many thanks to the unseen team on the ground, for risking their lives to save other's property.

We couldn't agree more and applaud the valiant efforts of all those involved!

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