40 Tweets Explain Exactly Why SCOTUS’s Ruling On Abortion Matters

"A victory for women. A victory for people with uteruses. A victory for reproductive justice."

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court struck down Texas' restrictive HB2 law in a landmark abortion rights case, Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt

The decision reinforced the strength of Roe v. Wade, concluding that laws like HB2, which shuttered more than half of Texas' clinics, place an "undue burden" on women's constitutionally-protected right to choose. 

As per usual, Ruth Bader Ginsburg had the true mic drop comment, concluding in her concurrence:

The decision caused women's health advocates -- and anyone who believes that women should have access to safe, quality health care -- across the country to celebrate. Below are some beautiful tweets of relief (and a bit of unbridled joy) at today's SCOTUS decision.


And, of course, Wendy Davis, who filibustered in bright pink sneakers to try and block HB2 from being passed for 13 hours in June 2013, was pretty damn pleased:



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