I will never stop sharing photos, messages and videos of Angel. Why would I? Angel's spirit, essence and truth is just as real and timeless as when she was on earth.

So when you do see a photo, a message or video of Angel, please say "Hello" instead of "I miss you." Post a whole heart emoji instead of a broken-hearted one. Instead of writing how sad you are, and that you can't believe she's gone, write how great it is to see her, or write about what she did and is still doing to inspire you.

Also, the idea that Angel crossed some Rainbow Bridge and is "in a better place" finally "running free" also needs to change. Angel's life is the definition of freedom and there is no better place Angel could have been or be than with me. I assure you, she didn't cross any bridge of any kind because she is still very much here.

Please speak about Angel in the present tense and know she is still in me and in all who know and love her. Take the grief you're feeling over her loss and do something with that grief to help save lives.

Angel is bigger than her physical body. Many of you say you still feel and see her and will always keep doing the work her life-changing spirit taught you to do, and I'd encourage everyone else to start doing the same. Angel is still teaching, inspiring, saving lives, educating and bringing joy to people all over the world. I know this is true because I see it happening, and because I am one of the people it's happening to.

Here are just a few of the things I believe Angel wants people to do:
- Get off the couch and educate others about how BSL is costing tax payers millions of dollars, is ineffective and is discrimination enshrined in law.
- Educate people in your community about how they are not safe as long as animal abusers are allowed to abuse and how animal abusers go on to commit crimes against humans.
- Become a volunteer.
- Donate.
- Adopt a shelter dog and/or become an approved foster.
- Hold law makers and city officials accountable for killing millions while hiding behind dated ineffective ordinances and laws made by uneducated idiots.
-Organize peaceful protests and make yourselves heard.

The list of things people could be doing in order to make communities safer for humans and pets is endless - you can learn more by visiting standupforpits.us the very much alive website inspired solely by her.

While I understand people are coming from a good place, and it's our species' nature to find answers and to use cliches as a way to cope with loss and grief, the reality is that broken-heart emoji's and dwelling on Angel's absence instead of focusing on her infinite message and lessons not only diminishes what her life stands for, it also doesn't help or serve the cause we're all fighting so hard for.

Change is never easy but I'm challenging you all to start seeing, speaking, and thinking differently about the loss of Angel, and understand that although her perfect little body is gone, the gifts, enlightenment and wisdom she gave us are still here -- and they'll stay here as long we all choose to see them