"Hello, Are You GSI (Gay, Single and Interested)?"

How exactly can you break through the wall of gay men who seem to be more focused on their text or email messages on their iPhones then to look up and notice people around them?

Everyone in these days seem "plugged into" a wide variety of technologies, where it is often best to be as brief as possible in expressing yourself. Using quick messages with some creativity may come in pretty handy in getting your intentions across to the object of your desire in the shortest amount of time.

For example, have you ever been at the gym, a party or on the streets, where you saw someone you really liked and wondered if he was interested in you but were too afraid to approach him for fear of rejection?

I know that when online and instant messaging, being brief and to the point can get results quicker than talking too much and challenging your listener's attention span. Of course, if they are really "into" you, their attention spans will hopefully go a bit further but, that may not be so certain either.

Therefore, with regards to face to face interaction, sometimes a smile with a quick and witty retort can often get the best results; so, let me be your "wing-man" in meeting that special man.

As a man of a certain age, I have learned that times have indeed changed and that I have had to change a bit of myself along with that change. It is not easy to do but one has to often adapt in order to keep up with the times. Whatever happened to "hello, how are you?" Does it have to be sent by text or social media?

In all honesty, texting and sending Facebook or Twitter messages can prove to be a good deal easier if you lack the impulse to approach someone you are attracted to and I will assume, visa versa. So then, perhaps a "right to the point" instant message is what may work best for you?

I myself have not had the opportunity to try it but I will, and soon. In fact, I almost had the impulse to say it to a very cute doorman at the building near mine just the other day who always says hello and continues to hold his attention in my direction as I walk my dog. He's a bit too young for me but who better to try my line on?

Or perhaps the next time I plan a visit to the gym or see someone on the streets of New York, I will try to sum up the courage to approach them and use that line and see where it takes me? After all, what do I have to lose other a little self confidence?

But the truth is, even if I do get rejected, I know that I will meet someone at some point, who will respond to my smile at the right moment and that feeling of rejection will become a distant memory.

Just as a coach or trainer would say to his players, "get up, collect yourself, and get yourself back out there!" I say the same to anyone who is looking for love or, a little fun, and not to allow one setback take you out of the action.

So, get up, smile and try my clever line and see if it works for you.

If it does, please write me and let me know. If it doesn't, then all I can say is that it was not meant to be but, at least you know you tried.

In the words of our 26th president Teddy Roosevelt, "Believe you can and you're halfway there."

So, believe in yourself and try a new and innovative strategy to get what you want at times, and if it doesn't happen, then let it go and move on.