Hello Kitty Beer Gets Plenty Of Buzz

Hello Kitty Beer Is Here!

Say hello to Hello Kitty Beer.

The Japanese brand that perhaps charmed a 5-year-old girl you know is now selling alcoholic brews with its big-headed cat on the can.

What's next, Pokemon Pale Ale?

Hello Kitty Beer is made by a brewer in Taiwan and is distributed there and in China. Sorry, this Kitty won't be straying to the United States, ABC News reported.

The Atlantic suggested that the beer's fruity flavors (banana and lemon-lime among them), combined with a relatively low alcohol content (2.3 - 2.8 percent) for easy drinking, are aimed at winning over Chinese women.

Inventorspot.com took issue with the cartoon feline's connection to kids, writing: "The 800lb gorilla in the room is, of course, the youth market and one wonders just how young you have to be to think Hello Kitty Beer is the bee's knees. Steady sales of Japan's notorious (though alcohol-free) Kidsbeer have shown that so-called beer has appeal to teens, tweens and pre-teens."

But Hello Kitty producer Sanrio insisted to Today it was not marketing to minors. Because Hello Kitty turns 40 years old in 2014, customers have grown up with the brand, a rep explained.

This isn't Hello Kitty's first steps in adorably packaged alcohol. A Hello Kitty wine debuted in 2010.

All this makes us wonder: How does a cat with no mouth successfully imbibe any of the beverages?

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