People Are Losing Their Minds Over America's First Hello Kitty Cafe kitties on catnip. 🐱

Welcome to the Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up, the first Hello Kitty cafe in the U.S. The spot opened over the weekend in Irvine, California, with people waiting more than four hours for pastries and coffee drinks with ― you guessed it ― that adorable creature’s face emblazoned on top. Here’s a look at the scene:

While all may look cheery in photos, people were less than enthused with the multiple-hour wait for their treats.

“A 5 hour queue and one sunburn later I got to enjoy a strawberry mint lemonade and a sprinkle covered birthday cake... #neveragain” one visitor said on Instagram.

“Four hour wait. Ummm. Why?!?” said another.

That’s a long time to wait for the human equivalent of catnip, though it does look purr-ty delicious:

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The cafe serves sweet treats, sodas, coffee and tea. It plans to expand the menu to include more Sanrio characters later this year.

The U.S. is home to a roving Hello Kitty food truck, and other countries have their own Hello Kitty cafes. But the California pop-up is the first store of its kind in the U.S., the Orange Country Register reports.

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The Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe will be open for a year, and then it will move on to another location. If you’d rather not wait in line, you can always make a cat cake yourself.

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