Hello Kitty's Lavish Hotel Suite in Beverly Hills

Hello Kitty's Lavish Hotel Suite in Beverly Hills
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In honor of Hello Kitty's latest cosmetic collection, Hello Kitty Noir, the famous feline teamed up with Sephora to create the world's most adorable hotel room. I stopped by boutique hotel Maison 140 in Beverly Hills last week to take a peek, snap some pictures, and squeal like a 5-year-old. The cute factor was off the charts.

If you're still wondering what to get the Hello Kitty lover in your life, you can't do better than a night at this hotel. But book fast -- the suite is only around through December. And then Hello Kitty packs up and moves on.

Hello Kitty has abandoned her signature pink in favor of red and black. Like Sephora's Noir collection, this hotel room is inspired by vintage Hollywood style.

Hello Kitty Noir cosmetics adorn the old-school vanity table.

In December, all guests of Maison 140 will receive a signature Hello Kitty cocktail and a complimentary Sephora Hello Kitty Lip and Eye Palette (pictured on right.)

Hello Kitty wallpaper!


Hello Kitty wears a dress custom made for her by Chubby Bunny. Photo via Rebecca Sapp / Wireimage

Even the mini-bar was all Hello Kitty.


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