Hello There, Racism

Racism is rearing its ugly face in mainstream news, once again, yet it has always been in the backdrop, as most issues in the world. The solutions to rid racism are to target institutions and ensure the racist be punished for his or her racism.

Targeting institutional practices is a positive policy to eradicate racism. It ensures that the institutions maintain fair practices, yet they are limited in power. Institutions are unable to change the minds of individuals for racism is similar to a virus that infects one's perception of the world. It then spreads to close members of the family and their jobs (institutions). Shoving a cocktail of drugs into someone may cure it or it might increase the racist beliefs within the person. But, forcing one to change a belief tends to go to the later. This is well demonstrated by strong arm policies: for example, when heavily enforced curfews are enacted. People tend to act in defiance as the Irish Republican Army did with Britain. Moreover, ridding society of racism by cleaning misconceptions is the harder part to target for how do we change the minds of individuals. Obviously there are no magic bullets that will end racism. It is something that embeds itself into people. Thus, the process of fixing racism is a long process that needs the correct responses or it will just keep appearing in society.

A solution may seem to be make is unfavorable to be racist through fines, penalties, and lawsuits. Yet, as any else sort of action when entrusting the public to judge a person rather he or she is a racist can become a huge mess. For instance, the Salem Witch Trials, Islamophobia, and any other moment when the public was entrusted with judging, which lead to mass paranoia and aggression. It would just create a silent space where no one talks about the racism but it is there in private rooms lingering. This will allow it to bread silently as it does now.

A truthful education that fosters solidarity and academic excellence within the student body and curriculum itself is a better solution. The end goal is to teach students empathy, a skill that seems to go unnoticed. Through empathy, racism is diluted, for it teaches individuals how to reflect on issues outside of themselves. It has to be executed at the start of a student's school career because the foundation of education starts at youth. Yet, the main issue with this idea is the refusal of changing the curriculum. There have and will be many debuts and arguments on the school curriculum, yet it is obvious that a better curriculum has to be created. People cannot be ashamed of what has happened in the past. It must be accepted that it has occurred and to learn from past mistakes to never do it again.

A proper education is important remedy to cure the racism that occurs in society, which will take years to eradicate. Even though time and many debates are going to be needed.