New HelloFlo Ad Tells The Story Of The Period Fairy -- A 'Vagical Shero'

New Ad Tells The Story Of The Period Fairy -- A 'Vagical Shero'

History might not remember the Period Fairy, but herstory does.

"Last month was my first month. And it was vagical," a young girl says in a new HelloFlo advertisement. HelloFlo, a period-supplies service, is known for its period-positive and funny commercials -- and this new one is no different.

The video follows a young girl named Lillian on her quest to find "The Period Fairy." The Period Fairy, who's now retired, made her mark on the world by encouraging women to talk about their periods. Lillian consults with the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and Cupid for an oral history.

The Period Fairy, as the story goes, disrupted the "Department Of Mythical Creatures" -- an old boys club where the male period fairies were all mansplainers.

Once the female Period Fairy "broke through the glass ceiling" she helped women everywhere learn about their periods. In the video, Lillian speaks to the Tooth Fairy first who says that the Period Fairy and her were "the only women in the game. Everyone was trying to pit us against each other, but she paved the way for me."

She was the Tooth Fairy's shero and she's ours as well. Long live the Period Fairy.

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