Restaurant Responds Perfectly To 'Too Many Gay People' Review

"All of us who work here, whether straight or gay, view Hell's Kitchen as our home..."

A restaurant in Minnesota had the perfect response to a review who complained about “too many gay people” in their establishment.

Hell’s Kitchen Minneapolis posted Facebook on Wednesday to respond to a customer named Eric who had written a straightforward review ― he simply wrote “too many gay people” ― of the restaurant on Google. They kindly asked Eric to not come back again. 

Hell's Kitchen's note to Eric on its Facebook page. 
Hell's Kitchen's note to Eric on its Facebook page. 

Fox 9 reported that a family member told the local news station that Eric had “retracted his comment and has learned the error of his ways.” On Thursday, Hell’s Kitchen updated their post. 

Hell’s Kitchen president Pat Forciea says the response has been overwhelming. 

“While we absolutely support an individual’s right to speak out we also feel we have the right to respond and we have a long history of speaking out when we feel someone’s words or conduct has negatively impacted someone in our family,” Forciea said in an email to The Huffington Post. “Not everyone of our customers agree with every position we take but they do know that we are being sincere when we do speak up and seem to respect us for being willing to take a stand on important social and economic justice issues in an era where not enough businesses are willing to do so.”   

Eric has also been very apologetic. 

“The young man who wrote this post called us Thursday night. He was very apologetic and obviously very shaken up. I told this young man that we greatly appreciated his call, his willingness to apologize and then invited him to come visit us so that he can learn a bit more about what makes us tick.”  




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