This Helmet Camera's Epic Firsthand Perspective Makes Us Respect Firefighters Even More

This vantage point is the ultimate experience of walking in someone else' shoes -- or in this case, their helmet.

The video above, shot using a FireCam1080P -- a helmet camera that can withstand high temperatures -- offers an inside look at a firefighter's job. In this footage, two firefighters in New York are thrown into a situation filled with communication problems, falling power lines and a fire that proves difficult to put out.

The footage shot with the FireCam, which was created by and for firefighters, appears on the YouTube account for the Vista Fire Department, serving West Chester, N.Y. The channel is dedicated to offering viewers an up-close and personal look at firefighting.

This incredible insider's look serves as a reminder to appreciate and honor the work of firefighters, who truly risk their lives to protect their communities.



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