Kenzie's Cause, Meals On Wheels Deliver Kid-Made Cards To Seniors (VIDEO)

Cards with crayon-written messages such as "Dream Big" and "I Love You" motivate Elizabeth, a Tulsa, Okla. woman suffering from neuropathy. Though the messages are personal, the cards are from complete strangers.

The greetings are a product of Kenzie's Cause, a program that offers kid-made cards for elderly and homebound residents in the area, KJRH reports. It was 11-year-old Kenzie Chavino who dreamed up the program as a way to raise awareness about senior hunger issues:

"I found out so many seniors can't get out of their house, so they go hungry."

With the help of after-school programs at three elementary schools, Kenzie's Cause participants have made 70,000 cards, which are distributed through Meals on Wheels. And through networking, Chavino tells KJRH she has spurred kids in 17 states to get involved.

"It's an amazing feeling when you give and do something for a bigger purpose."


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