Here's How You Can Help The Families Of The Paris Attack Victims

People can send donations through a few different crowdfunding sites.

As France grieves over the attacks that swept Paris last week, people are coming together to support the families of the 129 people who died that awful night.

The death of a family member can often lead to financial difficulties. But a few crowdfunding websites are now allowing people to donate money to the families of some of the 129 victims, relieving a portion of the burden.

"Hodda was a well-loved figure of the 11th arrondissement, with an unforgettable smile and a special love of life," reads the page for Hodda Saadi, one of the people killed last week, on the crowdfunding site Leetchi. "While her family works through this difficult tragedy, it is crucial that we help them financially as Hodda was the one supporting them."

Hodda's sister, Halima, also died in the attacks.

"Above all, Eric was Lise's (4 years old) dad and Laurence's partner, who is pregnant with their second daughter and is due before the end of the year," says the Leetchi page for Eric Thomé, another victim. "Laurence and Lise are well-surrounded with family, friends, loved ones... but we can give them more by forestalling, in an act of solidarity, any future financial issues in order to ensure that their lives will be a little more comfortable. If we can already do this, we're helping in a big way."

"Antoine Leiris, member of the France Bleu family, lost his wife at the Bataclan during Friday's attacks," says the page for Hélène Leiris on the crowdfunding site Le Pot Commun. "His son Melvil lost his mother. On behalf of France Bleu, we'd like to help support him by collecting money that will be transferred into a bank account opened in Melvil's name. By donating, we're also helping a formidable father."

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