Help! I Am Addicted To Twitter!

Help! I Am Addicted To Twitter!
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The instant we (the social networking collective) began to tire of clicking through hundreds of pictures of old high school friends while looking to find a slice of nostalgia or vindication within our beloved Facebook, we were given a shiny new toy. The 140-character got-to-have-it satisfying solution emerged: Twitter. Call it cross-training for social networking enthusiasts, or the super-fast fix. Some of us even turned our backs on our reliable but rather demanding friend Facebook. We cut back on visitation and fed it only status updates, made easily available of course by our new friend Twitter.

Just as my carpal tunnel was starting to fade thanks to a renewed interest in the outdoors and talking to people in person, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I got on Twitter. Now I'm in it, I'm on it, and I'm all about it. I've got my bright orange background that matches the chair I'm lounging in as my profile pic. Oh yeah, I planned that. Concise cleverness, or at least the attempt, is key when you've got only 140 characters to prove a point with friends and strangers alike. Facebook is the nerdy overblown Harvard know-it-all. Twitter is the fast cool friend who gives just what you want and nothing more. I'm addicted.

10 Reasons you know you're addicted to Twitter

1. You know what at least 3 people you don't know had for breakfast.

2. You're obsessed with how many followers you have or don't have and possess a master plan for getting your numbers up.

3. You search popular news sites just to link information that makes you look smart.

4. You spend more than 2 minutes planning out the cleverness of each tweet and give yourself a hi-5 when you figure out new ways to shrink words.

5. You've got regular Twitter, tweet deck, and twitter mobile for complete uninterrupted professional tweeting.

6. You get in frequent back and forth Twitter arguments over senseless topics that you actually don't care about. This starts to enter your real life.

7. Twitter is your home page.

8. You paid the Wi-Fi fee on Virgin America so you could get extra cool points by tweeting at 36,000 feet. It's the new 5 mile high club.

9. You've already tweeted about this post.

10. You've tweeted at least 3 times before getting to #10.

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