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Help, I Need a Five-Word Speech for the Webby Awards!

Monday night, HuffPost will receive a Webby Award. As is the tradition, Webby winners only get five words for their acceptance speeches - and I would love your input on what this year's five words should be.
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Monday night in New York, HuffPost will receive a Webby Award as the People's Voice Winner for Best Political Blog (thanks to everyone who voted for us). And congratulations to our great HuffPost team.

As is the tradition at the Webbys, award winners only get five words for their acceptance speeches.

Last year, mine was: "I didn't kill newspapers... okay?" (suggested by HuffPost's editor Roy Sekoff and our media editor Danny Shea).

Other finalists included "Journalism isn't dead; it's online" (submitted by shoutingatmytv); "Blogs: Weapons of Mass Instruction" (Michael Pastore); and "Do ask, do tell. Do." (ourmoro).

In June 2008, my five-worder was: "President Obama... Sounds good, right?" And the time before that, my five words were: "Darlings, make blogs, not war."

I need to decide what this year's speech should be, and would love your input. Submit your five-word speech in the comments section. We'll publish the best ones on Monday... and if I end up using yours Monday night, you'll get a signed copy of my new book, Third World America, as soon as it is published in September.

Okay, HuffPosters... start your creative engines!