Help! I Need an Intervention...

Help! I need an intervention... I can't stop watching Planet Green! MSNBC used to play on a continuous loop in my office, and now I can't even keep up with the presidential campaign anymore because I'm too busy watching all of the great Planet Green shows. I'm even obsessed with the commercials (particularly love the one with prisoners talking about the escape tools they've made with recycled materials). Even though some of the shows are a little corny and heavy on the do it yourself green remodeling craze, I so appreciate their intent. It's like entering a cozy community, where everyone brings their own canvas bags and drinks water from SIGG bottles.

Things feel further along here at Planet Green. It feels like a world where we are on our way to solving the big problems now that we have begun to change personally. Adrian Grenier, if you're reading this I want to join your green posse as soon as possible. I love organic wine too! Invite me to eat at your recycled wood table (made in one day from scrap wood guessed it, a remodeling project!) and I promise to bring a case to your next eco gathering. This week my shout out goes to a young man from Oklahoma who has the guts to run against an entrenched nasty political machine (otherwise known as Senator James Inhofe). Andrew Rice is the perfect example of a passionate person entering politics for all the right reasons. Andrew understands the disastrous effects that global warming will continue to have on the agricultural state of Oklahoma, which is already experiencing climate chaos on both ends of the spectrum. Unfortunately, severe drought and severe flooding have become the norm in this great state and will only grow worse with further efforts to delay action on global warming. If you are thinking about supporting other races besides the presidential, this is an important one. If you needed further proof of just how important this particular race is, check out this recent NY Times article. For more information on Andrew, please visit his site.

My favorite action tip for this week is to view and pay your bills online. If all Americans viewed and paid bills online, we'd save 18.5 million trees each year!

Signing off from the green zone, Laurie David