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Help -- I'm Overwhelmed! 10 Ways to Deal

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Ever get the feeling there's not enough time in the day? You have a long list of things you need to get done and can't see the pile ever shrinking? Do you sometimes feel like you just need to scream but don't have the energy because you're overworked? Well, me too.

We work so hard to get where we want to be. There isn't time to relax. We have loads of things that need to get done in order to keep climbing to where we are headed. In times like this we're not looking to unwind, we're looking to stay afloat just enough to keep on going. I've been feeling like that a lot lately so I've come up with a list of ways to deal with being overwhelmed. Add your own in the comments. I think everyone will appreciate the advice.

10 Ways to Deal

1. Don't Waste Your Time. I was in Boulder this weekend for the BolderBoulder race. Olympian Ryan Hall was talking to a room full of runners after I had given them a 15 minute yoga warmup. He was telling them a story about a run he took earlier that day up one of the mountains in Boulder. At the top, he saw an old man smoking a joint. Ryan was tired and in pain but he wanted to run up to the man. He felt like the guy had something to say to him. The old man told Ryan "Don't Waste Your Time." I think that's a good one.

2. Make Lists. When you've got a lot going on it's easy to forget things. Make a list by your work area, or stick it on the fridge. It helps. I like to mix it up with goals and tasks and check them off after they're accomplished.

3. Eat properly. Your body can't work for you if it's given the wrong fuel. Take care of your body with healthy foods and you will be able to work more efficiently.

4. Get rest. Sleep is important. Too much or too little and your body can be off for the whole day.

5. Be nice to people. The busier we get the more demanding we can become. Don't become a crazy person everyone talks about behind your back. Look for nice ways to approach people in every situation.

6. Have boundaries. You're busy. Don't be afraid to tell your friends that. If they're your friends they will still be around when you have some time to hang out.

7. Stay connected. Stay in touch with yourself and your family or close friends. Don't go off the deep end in isolation. Do what you need to stay grounded during busy times. Yoga breaks help.

8. Change it up. If you are busy working in one spot bring in some fresh flowers or a candle. Simple things can perk up your mood.

9. Cut out alcohol. Having a drink or more to unwind may feel good temporarily, but alcohol is poison and when you're calling on every ounce of effort from yourself it's probably not the best idea.

10. Don't go all psycho hedge-fund. Know what your goals are, and keep your health high on the list. I used to teach a hedge fund CEO yoga in his office. He was crazed by his work to the detriment of many other aspects of his life. Many times over he had reached and passed his goals, but he wouldn't consider switching to a healthier work path. He just kept raising his number. That is what I call psycho hedge-fund.

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