Help Local Reporters in Haiti

By now much of the world has learned about the catastrophic earthquake that happened in Haiti this week. I think everyone at the Bronx News Network would agree with me in saying that our hearts go out to everyone in the Bronx who has been affected by this tragedy. As reporters, we are used to covering grim news, but it never makes it easier. We want to share a story about the Editor of the Haitian Times, based in Brooklyn, New York, and how you can support him and his team of reporters who are in Haiti this week.

Gary Pierre-Pierre, Editor of the Haitian Times, took a group of reporters to Haiti after Tuesday's earthquake. As they were unable to fly directly into Haiti, they flew into the Dominican Republic. After renting a van and buying food, water, sleeping bags, and other supplies, they drove to Haiti. Garry reports that everyone, including journalists, is sleeping in the streets. There are no bathrooms. There is no food. There is no water.

Gary reports that there is no phone or internet service. Not even cell phones are working. His group is reporting in Haiti and driving back to the D.R. to file their stories. In 24 hours, Gary has already spent $2,000 on basic supplies of food, water, and gas.

The Haitian Times is letting people post pictures and names of family members they are trying to locate in Haiti, and as you can imagine, their small staff has been overwhelmed with requests.

Ways to Help:

1) The Haitian Times is looking for an IT person that can help them create a site to upload pictures so that the Times staff can deal with other tasks.

2) Donate to the New York Press Association by calling (518) 464-6483. The NYPA is sending Gary money several times a day via Western Unions in the D.R. You can also send a check to NYPA at 1681 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203.

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