Help NPR Identify The Health Care Lobbyists!

Help NPR Identify The Health Care Lobbyists!

If you happened to watch ABC News' prime time show, "Let's Talk About Health Care Reform With The President," you might remember the moment right at the start, when the audience was asked to raise their hands if they felt that something needed to be done to fix health care in America. Everyone raised their hands! And no one seemed to think that the system, in its current form, should be left unchanged. And President Barack Obama joked, "Well, let's stop right there, then!"

But a week ago, it was another day, another room, and another audience. Specifically, 106 Dirksen Senate Office Building, where your U.S. senators were poised to get down to brass tacks on overhauling health care. And the room that day was packed with the sort of people whose motives may not be all that pure: lobbyists!

When 22 senators started working over the first health care overhaul bill on June 17, the news cameras were pointed at them -- except for NPR's photographer, who turned his lens on the lobbyists. Whatever bill emerges from Congress will affect one-sixth of the economy, and stakeholders have mobilized. We've begun to identify some of the faces in the hearing room, and we want to keep the process going. Know someone in these photos? Let us know who that someone is -- e-mail or let us know via Twitter @DollarPolitics.

This is a great idea! And I wish that this enterprise might thrive. So, hie thee, Huffington Post readership, to NPR's website, and if you recognize one of those faces in the crowd, let them know!

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