Help Save Dolphins In Taiji For Christmas

The Christmas atmosphere has arrived in Italy as well! The kids and I have baked our first batch of cookies and decorating has begun! I want to make things extra special this year. Our eldest son turned eighteen a few days ago and will be leaving for university in Canada at the end of the school year. Being so far away makes it hard to say whether he will be able to make it home for the holidays next year.  Although it makes one sad to see a child go,  it is beautiful to become a witness of growth into adulthood.

Since the boys were little, every year, we tried and found something useful to do for others at Christmas. It was an example my husband and I felt we needed to set for our children: life is not about taking, it's about giving and receiving love. It may sound old fashioned and boring but it makes for good human beings!

About a month ago we watched an interesting documentary: " The Cove ". I'm not going to narrate the details because I don't want to risk loosing your attnetion on such an important issue, besides, you might want to watch yourself! When the film was over I felt compelled to act, to do my part. Spreading the word about the horrific dolphin captures and slaughters that take place in Taiji every year, even at this very moment, is vital. This is the reason for this post.

There was no need to discuss the matter. Without hesitation my family and I decided to take the pledge to never buy a ticket to watch another dolphin or whale performance again.

When I was eight years old my grandparents bought tickets to Marineland ( Ontario, Canada ) for my birthday. They thought they were doing something nice for me, their intentions were good.  After the show they took me downstairs, to an area where we could watch the orcas swim in their tank, underwater. I remember thinking how small the tub was compared to their size. I pushed my nose and hands to the glass. Suddenly one of the whales came right up to me. Our eyes met. I stroked the wall that divided us as if  to caress the giant's head. An awful pit in my stomach mounted and turned into tears. I would have given anything to free my poor friend. I didn't know it then, but in that moment I gained awarness. I realized that nobody has the right to take away a living creature's freedom.

If you and your families wish to learn more about the Taiji dolphins and about Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project there is a great website to follow, filled with the latest news. I hope you will all join the pod and help end the brutality.

 " Afterall, if we are not capable of stopping something like this, how can we hope to solve all the other problems this world has? " Ric O'Barry

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