Help Us iMarch Towards Immigration Reform
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Last week, the Gang of Eight's comprehensive immigration reform bill hit the Senate floor, bringing us one step closer to fixing a broken system that is stifling our economy.

We know how Americans feel: in new polls by Public Policy Polling and Harper Polling, a strong majority of voters in 29 states expressed bipartisan support for immigration reform. Now it's time for Washington to act.

Last month, the March for Innovation -- the largest ever virtual march on Washington -- was a huge success. Leaders like Steve Case, Condoleeza Rice, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Jeb Bush and others joined tens of thousands of people across the country to call on Congress to tell them we need this reform now. We reached 45 million people on Twitter and Facebook, and we got people talking. But that was just the beginning.

Now we #iMarch state by state -- and today it is Tennessee's turn.

I am marching because now is the time to reform our broken immigration system. 63% of Tennesseans support the Gang of 8's immigration reform bill, and 80% of Tennesseans believe it's important that we fix our system this year.

I am marching because the economic impact of immigrants in Tennessee is at least $3 billion annually, and we need their full participation and support in our growing economy to create the new jobs and opportunities we need in every community in our state.

Please join today's #iMarch #TN to keep up the pressure as Congress debates whether or not to move our economy forward.

No matter where you live, please ask your Tennessee friends to take action and use our social media tools to join with me, and thousands of others from our state, to make sure our voices are heard in Washington.

This post is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post and The Partnership for a New American Economy, in conjunction with the March for Innovation, a virtual march taking place in key states across a number of social-media platforms designed to call attention to the immigrationreform bill now before Congress. For more information on the march, click here.

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