Help Us Liberate Government Records During Sunshine Week

As part of Sunshine Week, March 14-20, The Center for Public Integrity and the Sunlight Foundation are looking for help with The Data Mine, a new online series identifying inaccessible or difficult to use information from the federal government.

So far, we've spotlighted how the public can examine more than 10 million declassified CIA documents -- but only by appearing in person at a National Archives storage building in suburban Washington, D.C. The Data Mine has also looked at how the Agriculture Department's data-rich site continues to omit the politically-sensitive annual listing of subsidy payments to individual farmers and how OSHA refuses to hand over the results of millions of workplace tests for toxic substances.

However, we need YOUR tips on other federal government records, databases, and filings that should be open to the public. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Has the government denied your attempt to FOIA certain information?

  • Are you aware of any government reports or data that are unnecessarily hidden from public view?
  • Have you successfully obtained government data, only to find it cumbersome or impractical to use in today's electronic environment?
  • From the CIA to the CDC, there's a wealth of concealed information out there, and with your help, we can make sure that our government is taking the proper steps to carry out President Barack Obama's Open Government Initiative.

    Email all tips to: Please indicate if you want to be publicly credited on the Center's website for your suggestion.

    Let us know what federal data should be liberated, and we'll start shining a light on some dark corners of Washington.