Help Us Pick the HuffPost Game Changers: 100 People Who Are Using New Media to Change the World

New media have had a game changing effect on nearly every aspect of our lives -- from the way we choose our president, to the way we choose our music, to the way we choose to make a difference in the world.

In this spirit, the Huffington Post will be launching the HuffPost Game Changers awards to honor and celebrate 100 people who are using new media to reshape their fields and change the world.

And we need your help picking them.

We want your suggestions about the innovators, visionaries, and leaders who are harnessing the power of new media to change the game -- to change the way we look at the world and live in it.

We are going to salute 10 Game Changes in 10 categories: Politics, Entertainment, Technology, Media, Sports, Business, Style, Health, Green, Philanthropy & Service.

So who do you think should be on our list?

To nominate someone as a Game Changer, use the comments section below. Let us know who you are recommending, what category they fit into, and why you think they are changing the game in their field.

We'll gather up all your choices and add them to the list our editors are compiling. Then, in September, we'll start announcing the HuffPost 100. And you'll get to vote for who is the top Game Changer in each category.

We can't wait to hear what you think.