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5 Kinda Weird But Also Kinda Helpful Repurposing Ideas To Save You Money (PHOTOS)

They're kinda weird, but also kinda helpful.
07/14/2013 11:52am ET | Updated July 15, 2013
Woman's hand placing a coin into a piggy bank

We can think of about a thousand things we'd rather spend our money on than cleaning and general housekeeping items. It might not seem like a lot at once, but overtime those sprays, sponges and paper products can add up. Luckily, there are a few repurposing ideas that can help you save money by either extending the life of these goods or practically eliminating the need for them.

Don't believe us? Just scroll through our slideshow to see five kinda weird but also kinda helpful tips and tricks.

Repurposing ideas!

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