Thoughts On Mercury Retrograde

"Oh no! We're in a Mercury Retrograde! When does it end?" is the panicked question asked of me from my clients, many of who learned about the planet from a source other than myself.

The only thing I can really tell them is to Respond (reason) rather than React (emotion) to it. As the planet of communication, the trend through many people is that it's a time when everything goes wrong. In truth, just because the planet appears to move backwards in the skies does not mean our world is doomed to go backwards and us with it. If anything, Mercury is asking us to slow down and take stock of what we have going on in communication already. Mercury in retrograde motion is forcing you to stop and breathe.

The present retrograde is until September 22, 2016. Let's turn the tables on the present thinking and keep in mind the following:

Always go with the energy of what your body feels:
If you are feeling drained then get more rest and go into relaxation mode and allow yourself to recharge. Conversely, if you're feeling energetic, like you want to get a a lot of things done, then go with that energy because it may be a highly productive time for you.

Remember that energy is different for everyone:
Don't expect family, friends, coworkers, or even strangers, to be at the same energy level that you are experiencing. I have discovered that respecting the energy of others and ourselves is important when it comes to any mutual exchange of energy.

Every Mercury retrograde will be different:
Expect that some retrogrades might effect the type of communication that is technical in regard to computers, while another retrograde might have something to do with finances. Depending upon the astrological calendar, the trend for each retrograde will have a slight difference that distinguishes one from the other.

I have found that the purpose of astrology is to guide us and prepare us for shifts within our universe that could help us move along in our daily life. So it might be important to not place too much faith (or to be more discerning) in the majority of information one might find on the Internet.

Instead, look to your own personal responses while in a retrograde in terms of body, mind, and spirit. It's my experience that if we listen to ourselves, each one of us personally, we will always get through things a lot easier. If we let the planets or another person try to do that for us, we may lose perspective and panic.