Homeless Czech Man In NYC Just Wanted To Go Home, So These People Put Him On A Plane (VIDEO)

This weekend's frigid temperatures in New York City inspired some members of the Whatever video team to hand out clothes from the Thread Society to people in need. Their mission took an unexpected twist, however, when they ran into a 53-year-old homeless Czech man named Jaroslav.

Jaroslav, who does not speak English, told them through an interpreter that he had originally come to the city from the Czech Republic in search of a job, but had been robbed. He lost everything, and soon after found himself helpless on the streets of Manhattan.

All he wanted was to go home to see his son and daughter again.

Inspired by viral stunts like the homeless veteran time-lapse, and the feeding-the-homeless prank, the Whatever team decided to perform their own giant act of kindness.

Watch as they get Jaroslav a haircut and shave, a nice hotel room, and then, one plane ticket back to Prague for the very next day!

Jaroslav's reaction is heartwarming and a nice reminder that people end up on the streets for all kinds of reasons. Many share Jaroslav's misfortune, and deserve a second chance.

According to the video description on YouTube, Jaroslav will soon give Whatever an update on his situation in Prague.



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