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Helping the Next Generation To Heal and Make The World a Brighter Place

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The day after the election results came in I taught a yoga, mindfulness and meditation class to a group of ten-year-old girls. The minute they walked in, I knew this class was going to be different. I knew that I was hurting, shaken to my core but I did not realize how much impact this divisive election had on these kids. They walked into the room with some intense energies and emotions. They were scared, unsure, worried and wondering how we elected such a mean man as president. They were asking when we could impeach him.

We started the class by breathing in peace and breathing out love but they could not do it. They were too vulnerable to be in their bodies. So first we had to feel the pain. We practiced a wave, a wave of emotions flowing over them and out their feet. They began to unwind. Next we danced, we moved, we painted imaginary rainbows. I told them they were amazing and that they were bright and shining stars. They knew that I meant it and as we progressed through the class these beautiful children started to open their hearts again. They laid down to meditate and I covered them with blankets. Their pain was palpable; I could not fix it. They had a markedly long meditation. They were so calm and peaceful it gave me hope for this next generation. They really don't want to fight, be mean, bully or be bullied. This election showed us all, even the kids, a pattern that we no longer want to support. Now that we see this clearly how to we help the next generation to heal, be kind, compassionate and loving human beings.

How do you help your own kids deal with this pain?
  1. First feel the feelings. This is painful. As parents we don't want to see our children in pain. Don't deny your children the opportunity of feeling the pain no matter how much you want to protect them from it. Practice feeling a wave coming over their heads, to their hearts, feel the feelings and then let the wave move out through their toes.
  2. Communicate with them. Tell them how you are feeling. Write the feelings down on a piece of paper and then burn them. It's ok to feel mad, sad and frustrated how this election ended up. Talk about your feelings and let them express theirs. Bake some bread together or make some play dough and pound out the anger and sadness.
  3. Breathe, dance, move. Play some happy music and dance around. Move the energy, don't let negative emotions sit in the body. Practice breathing in peace into your heart, and breathing out love to everyone on the earth.
  4. Go for a hike. Turn off the news and leave the phone at home. Go be in nature, feel the earth under your feet. Spend time just being in the moment with your child.
  5. Focus on gratitude. Gratitude unlocks joy in your heart. With each bit of gratitude, the heart opens more and more. Point out how you are grateful for them, how they are perfect just the way they are. Start a gratitude journal and write in it before bedtime. Send a letter of gratitude to someone in their lives and mail it to them.
  6. When putting your child to bed do a mini meditation. Count down from five to one. With each number have them relax deeper and deeper. Then picture a beautiful rainbow. Wrap the rainbow light around them in a blanket letting them know they are loved and protected.

Last but not least, teach them the mantra "Peace Begins with Me." Say it over and over again. Let them know that peace is an inside job and nothing on the exterior can affect you when you are connected to a vibration of peace. The old cliché "What The World Needs Now is Love" has never been truer. Show your children how much you love them. Tell them with your words. Write them notes how much you love them. Love conquers all. Knowing they are loved is all that matters in the end. Love gives children confidence. Love builds strength. Model loving behavior and they will do the same. When this next generation learns to vibrate love, connect to peace, be compassionate, feel grateful they will have the power to truly change the world. This generation is feeling the pain of this election but will soon see the light. Their light will light up others and the world will be a brighter place.