'Our Sister Lived In The Bushes And Tried To Hire Someone To Kill Her' (VIDEO)

Ann Marie and Jackie say their sister, Colleen, lives in a world of make-believe where she constantly plays the victim and lies for money and attention. They say she once lived in the woods for two weeks and even paid a homeless man to try to kill her and another man to overdose her on heroin.

They also claim Colleen has faked a heart attack, falsely accused a neighbor of rape and most recently told them she’s receiving treatments for cervical cancer — which they believe is just another lie. Despite the financial and emotional drain on them, they say they want to see Colleen get her life back on track.

How does Colleen explain her behavior? Watch Thursday's Dr. Phil to find out why Colleen thinks she's just misunderstood — and if this family can turn things around. Check local listings here.