Helpless Student Attacked on Camera

This past weekend a disturbing YouTube video circulated around the Internet. It shows a young, defenseless Asian man being assaulted by seven teens in a painful two and a half minute clip. The victim is seen being repeatedly punched and kicked, witch racial epithets being yelled to him throughout the sequence on a snowy Chicago sidewalk.

It is not known who filmed the video, the original poster took the video off of YouTube. And, the faces of the attackers are mostly concealed with their hoodies, but their yells are distinct. The victim's face is bloody, and he is constantly trying to crawl away from his hoard of attackers, pleading back to them to stop in broken English.

The seeming racism towards this young man is heartbreaking, and what is more disturbing is the fact that the original owner of this video felt justified in posting it for the world to see. You can hear the victim pleading, saying "Please, no more. Don't hit me anymore, please."

No one is in custody yet for beating this young man, and the many on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook are boosting the awareness in the hopes than someone can identify the young robbers in this YouTube video. Please help find justice for this young man.