Henna Artist Pavan Ahluwalia: A Look At The Guinness World Record Holder's Gorgeous Body Designs (NSFW, PHOTOS)

In the world of henna art and design, the name Pavan Ahluwalia reigns supreme. She is a Guinness World Record holder, earning her spot as the fastest henna artist after painting an impressive 511 unique armbands in a single hour last year.

Beyond her brushes with the record books, Ahluwalia runs her own henna studio, transforming the traditional body art form into couture-worthy adornments. Celebrities like Preeyah Kalidas and the cast of BBC's "EastEnders" have called on the skills of the self-taught artist, who has been creating Mehndi decorations since the age of seven. The familiar aspects of the ancient art are all there -- and Ahluwalia still maintains a large bridal audience for those looking for conventional Indian, Pakistani or Bengali designs -- but it's her flair for multimedia and contemporary work that sets her apart from other henna artists in her field.

"I think what makes [my designs] different is that I can make the art transferable," Ahluwalia stated in an interview with area1025 blog. "I believe it can be applied on anything."

henna art pavan ahluwalia

As a new year unfolds and our artsy ambitions are at their highest, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the innovative work of Ms. Ahluwalia. Whether she's painting a model, exploring textiles or decorating a wedding cake, we're simply taken with the ambitious female artist and her desire to pave a way for the medium of henna. Scroll through the slideshow below for a peak at Ahluwalia's sexy NSFW body art designs, and check out her website for a peek at her multimedia creations.

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